Does he like me or no? Will I ever see him again?

So I've been seeing this guy for three months. But recently he's seemed a bit distant.. but here's what happened recently: Saturday we slept together (not the first time). The next morning he said he would text me that evening to get together again. He did after work, but I fell asleep and didn't see. I apologized and he said it was ok and the convo ended well. However, he didn't text me again after that. So, on Thursday invited him over to my place to watch Netflix, but he didn't respond.. he had a court date Friday and was moving back to Georgia (I live in Maryland) so he may have been busy. On Saturday I texted him again to ask how the court date went. The end of the texting convo went like this: Me: I'm glad the court date went well, but I'm going to miss you. It won't be the same here without you. Him: Hopefully I'll be back soonish Me: Nice! Well if you do come back you know how to reach me ;) Him: I do know :) That's all. And that was a week ago. So, my question is, do I have any hope of hearing from him/seeing him again? Does he like me or no? Prior to this he seemed a bit distant. But, he has a job here he can come back to if he wants.. I deleted his number so there's no way for me to talk to him again unless he reaches out first.


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  • he will contact you.


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