Has a girl ever rejected a guy only to want him down the road?

Guys has this ever happened to you? Girls have you ever done this?

I'm interested in some small amount of detail & how it turned out/what made her/you change her/your mind/how you/they felt about it.


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  • I have quite a few times reasons vary maybe before I didn't think of them that way or sexually at all but once I got to know them more, attraction grew naturally **norm for me**

    Scenario two: I was preoccupied by someone else
    Scenario three: they were persistent, I gave in

    In all cases I think I can conclusively say that I changed or like some series of events happened

    Time, hanging out more, getting older, work-college habits etc, maybe we got off on the wrong foot type of thing, settled and old drama

    Nothing like, "I found out he was rich" or he went from "average looking to dressed up all the time"

    Of course I'm not married or anything so nothing came out of me changing my mind about them. I didn't actively pursue many but I'm really close with several of the guys I changed my opinion on so
    no regrets ;)

    • Thanks for MHO.. Good luck with your girl :)

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  • it happens sometimes.

    • What usually changes? Something with the guy the girl? Or is it the kind of thing where as soon as they reject the person they have second thoughts?

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes. There where many girls who I guess thought I was a breed in middle school, I would want to hang out then they would say no. Haha few years later I got a new lifestyle consisting of a new hairstyle, lost weight, played football and got a sports car. When they came back to me I told them I already offered them the chance do its amp. Irony.


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