Is she into me romantically? Or just a really good friend?

Here's the deal. This girl and I have been getting to know each other for the past month. We went out for drinks a couple of times and recently spent an evening talking while strolling through the park. The chemistry is unmistakbly strong with lots of laughter and deep conversations about our respective lives. It's safe to say we like each other.

Here's where it becomes foggy for me. I really like her - in a head over heels, romantic "love has finally found me" type of way. But before I ask her out on a formal date (rather than these hangout sessions) or make any type of moves, how can I be sure she likes me in the same way I like her?

People have told me to look for the obvious signs, but those can also be the same with a girl who's a really good friend. I don't want to flat out ask her if she likes me, nor do I want to tell her how I feel about her. Past experiences say that this can end a relationship before it even starts, because it takes the "fun" out of the game for her. So what can I do?


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  • if you dont want to tell her how you feel or ask her if she likes you, then you're gonna stay as just a friend.


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