He told me that it gets on his nerve that?

The guy I'm dating been under a lot of work/money related stress. I asked him how much did he love me last night and he said this " I love you a lot but it gets on my nerves now that I can't give you the time that you deserve". Now even though he's under a lot of stress he also goes out with his friends sometime and that bothers me because the same amount of time you were out with them he could've been with me, and I feel like it's nothing to justify that because if he love me like he do he'll make time


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  • I understand that you want him with you as much as possible, believe me, I do empathize. But it's unreasonable to expect someone you are with and care about to drop their friends, even if it means less time with you. Everyone needs to keep their friends and social circle at least a little bit. Now if he NEVER spends time with you and is out with them pretty frequently, then I'd be concerned (and pissed!), but it sounds like he's splitting his time pretty evenly, and if that's the case then I wouldn't make an issue of it or he will likely be offended and feel that you're too needy or something. Good luck.

  • stop dating him!


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