Is it unreasonable of me to refuse to date a girl because she is a different race?

I am white, and there is this girl that really likes me who is Asian. I honestly think she is really hot, and she is a really nice person, but I just dont want to date her because she is Asian. Its not because I have anything against Asians, in fact I find Asian culture fascinating, but its because I have been turned off from interracial relationships for a while. In high school my best friend was half Asian half white, and he would always tell me of all the problems he had fitting in. When he went to Japan (where his mom was from) he was treated like a foreigner because he wasn't full Japanese, in the US he wasn't necessarily treated like a foreigner, but white, and black Americans (who made up 99 percent of our school) just didn't talk to him and he couldnt figure out why. They all treated him like an Asian because he looked more Asian then white, but he was half white and that really bothered him. Then of course girls didn't talk to him, and he would get really depressed reading online about how most girls say they dont like Asian men, which he could see because girls didn't talk to him. In Freshman year of college he killed himself and in his suicide note he said multiple times how he hated being a half breed and how he wished he was just a normal Asian or a normal white. It was really depressing and ever since then I have sworn not to date someone of another race because I dont want to put my kids through that identity crisis that I saw in my friend. I kind of like this girl but I just keep thinking about my friend and how he felt about being half Asian half white, and then I just think about my future kids and I can't get past it, I just dont really know, is this crazy of me to do, or is it justified?
Is it unreasonable of me to refuse to date a girl because she is a different race?
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