Have you ever realized that ever since you had a crush on certain someone and now you don't even crush on anyone as hard anymore?

I started recently thinking about that lately and not many guys have gotten me to fall for them, when I talk to them; eventually my feelings disappear. This past Monday/wednesday I unintentionally ran into an old classmate (didnt know him personally) while heading to class and this guy has a friend who he sat infront with everyday for class. Of course, I found him appealing... Lol nothing came from the crush and especially since he was really attractive guy.. But once I found out he had a girlfriend, it helped me stop having any sort of feeling towards him and move forward, I went on quite a few dates but none that became anything... So now, since I ran into his friend and brought up, I guessed feelings of bittersweet... Ever since I had crushed on him, I have not actually crushed or liked anyone long enough to pursue a relationship with and I'm like confused as to why? Have you ever had that happen to you? What was your experience like or what did you do about it?


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  • I'm still on my hardest crush. The crush before this one was what I call my first major crush, like I could see myself marrying her. Before her, my crushes were pretty minor, like I just wanted a girlfriend.

    I imagine it might go down in intensity if i ever get over this current crush.


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  • yea haven't really had feelings for anyone since the last girl i just feel numb


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