First date confusion, should I get another chance?

I met someone on an online dating site and he invited me for drinks. I told him I couldn't go because I was still in a different city as I was being relocated (to his city) for work. My relocation process took about three months and during this entire time, we spoke over email and Skype, and he kept asking me when I was coming and he invited me for dinner by the time I would finally arrive.
Before I arrived we had agreed on the dinner date. When I was finally there, he said he couldn't make it on that day and offered to visit me the day before, for a bit, latter on that night.
I got really upset, and confronted him about what happened to the plan, and said no.
He replied saying he just wanted to welcome me, and be of help with the move if needed, and offered a new date, with a definite time and place, for the following week.
I agreed on meeting him. He arrived about 20min late and was underdressed for the venue he proposed. We had to leave that place because a group had arrived and we had no reservation, and we ended on a pub.
On the date, he showed genuine interest, asked a lot of questions, lots of eye contact and smiles and was a perfect gentleman. I, however, treated him very badly. I was so upset with everything prior to the date that last week and on that day (late, had to change places etc) that I cut him off several times and did not express interest on him.
Towards the end of the date, the check came and I did reach out for my purse and insisted on paying. He said he did not understand why I was insisting and said he is old fashioned and he never lets the women he takes out to pay on a date. I said this is not a date.
He still did not accept my share and we agreed on having a drink in another place to calm both nerves a little bit.
There, the conversation went back to normal and he started talking about his brother and I asked a clarification question about it. It was his turn to be upset: I would int


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  • You sound intolerably uptight. I would have walked out on the date and hired a hooker for the evening, but that's just me ;)


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