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So i was walking with my boyfriend yesterday and he had his arm aroud me and i took it off then he continue to put it but i kept taking it off then he got mad and said fine then i guess you don't people to know we're together. Then i told him it's not that i just don't like doing things like that in public. I respect myself and i don't want noone to see me then start rumors. After he just walke infront of me and didn't talk to me for a while, and a car was coming and he crossed the road and said it's not like life matters... Do you guys think i did bad? I mean i didn't think that what i said was that bad or was it?


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  • That's why I don't answer to kid's questions. It's my fault I failed to notice the under 18 thing, since I read this I might just comment how stupid you both are. " I respeckt my bodi and I am not doing thing like that " Ya, tell him that when he gropes your boob in public. Putting his arm around.. not a big thing.
    "Crossed the road and said it's not like life matters..." Well, ya I hope that fucking truck hits you and you remain in bed for the rest of your life, tell we will talk about whether life matters or not.

  • he would interpret your actions as: she doesn't want people to know she has a boyfriend.


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