Why do feelings for a previous come back?

So, I recently starting to realize the feelings for an old crush may be coming back and I don't get why, know I shouldn't let them.. But recently, this past Monday and Wednesday, when I have class those days and that is when I ran into an old classmate (never got to know him or talk to him), which he had a friend he sat next to everyday in that class; I happened to be attracted to him. But didn't get to know him either, since I always always super shy and awkward around him.. I knew I didn't have a chance with him anyway and when I found out he had a girlfriend, it helped me get over him.
Of course, I still went out on dates with other guys occasionally when the class was still going and even a little bit after. The feelings though, never stuck for long and never really had the wow, I really like you type of feelings for them (the guys weren't worth pursuing a serious relationship). It sucks because ever since, that one crush I haven't been able to have strong feelings for any guy and now suddenly feel like my old feelings are slightly coming back. Obviously, I don't want them to come back because they shouldn't (ridiculous) and especially since I never got to really know him.
Has this ever happened to you and how did you go about it?


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  • GOD is telling you to be with him...
    Look, just tell you like him, or give non verbal signs that u like him...
    for god's sake... please do something,
    maybe he is interested aswell, but since ur so awkward and shy , he thinks your not interested
    please do something,.


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