Is it bad if he liked me when he was at the end of a relationship but didn't kiss me or ask me out until after?

He met me three months ago. He met another girl too. We were all at the same event. That girl was flirting w him a lot and asked him out. I was avoiding him.

They dated for two months. Then he and I met again at another event Two weeks ago. We spent a lot of time together but he didn't kiss me. A few days later he asked me out and kissed me.

He told me that he kept it as friends until he broke up w her Bc when we spent time together they both knew the relationship was over. He said she was a good girl just not the one he saw himself with. He said he made sure not to ask me out or kiss me till he was single again. And he kept to that. But he dumped her right after he and I connected-he was planning to that time anyway though.

IS this really Bad?


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  • It is better than him cheating. He done the right thing in ending it first before moving on. More people should be like that


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