Has my Freind with benefits developed feelings?

My Freind with benefits keeps asking me weird questions like do I love him , what makes me like someone , when do I want a boyfriend , all my freinds will have bfs and I won't have anyone to go out with. Would I be hurt if he went off with other people. He also trys to make me jealous all the time. And last time he came round he didn't really even want to have sex just watch films. now he is asking me out on dates but I couldn't go because I was out already with my freinds but I said he can come round and we sleep together when I'm back and he wouldn't?


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  • he's developed with you. think for your reaction. take action.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes.

    Run for the hills if you don't want a relationship with him.

    Have a serious talk with him, if you do.

    • What if you want to sleep with but don't want relationship? I really fancy this man but not ready for anything serious. He is quite abit older than me to.

    • You need to tell him that. If he's okay with it (which it sounds like he may not be), then proceed. If not, be prepared to end the relationship and find another friends with benefits.

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