Do you ever feel like, if you breakup with someone you are with, you won't find someone else? What was your hardest breakup you ever had to get over?

Hi Everyone,

So, I have come to the realization my boyfriend of 2 years really does not treat me that well, and I constantly battle myself on breaking it up or not. Here’s the thing: He has never said the words "ILY", we live together, and work together (he is my boss - another issue). He is 35, I am 20. The reason he dates younger girls is because he is not ready to get married or have kids, which most women his age want, he is also obsessive with appearance and tells me another reason why he won’t date his age is because women after 30 start to get heavy and old looking (wtf). Anyways, we have a super comfortable relationship, and he does take good care of me, but he is obsessed with other women. He constantly talks about how hot other women are, how many women want him, and all this other BS. I feel if someone more attractive to him came along he would dump me like a hot potato. I don’t feel at all secure in this relationship, but I also just have that fear if I break up with him, I won’t find someone else. Has anyone ever felt like that going through a breakup? Then eventually you find someone new and wonder what the hell you were doing with the other person in the first place?

He is my first real boyfriend, I met him when I was 19 on New Years, we hit it off instantly and he pushed really hard to have me in his life because once I found out he was 33 at the time I wanted nothing to do with it, nor did my parents lol (now they love him more than me i think) Anyways, I thought I loved this guy in the beginning, but I am now realizing I dont and i actually resent him more than anything because of this. My self esteem is at ZERO. He thinks everything is peachy, but on the inside I die everytime he talks to a hot girl, knowing he would dump me if she liked him. I could be over thinking things, but I want someone who truly cares and wants to be with me and doesn't make me feel like a peanut in his life. How did you get over/through a serious breakup? :(


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  • He's 35 and probably makes a lot of money. He doesn't want a relationship because he believes women are at their peak at 30. He will continue to date younger women because he has money. He will eventually dump you because you will get to the age where your looks will start to fade. This is not a serious relationship. He is "leasing" you until your mileage is too high. He will trade you in. He wants you to be fearful because you will be on your toes and give everything to the relationship. When you get comfortable, you will be complacent. Complacency leads to weight gain and less effort to the relationship.

    • Thank you, that was a great reply!!! You are totally right with this.

    • and yes, he makes a lot of money, but does not use it on me. He is just very secure himself with it! Big house, big toys..

    • Essentially, you're going to have to risk it and find someone who will align with what you want.

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