Should I still continue to pursue a relationship?

So I've been talking to this guy for like a month but known him for 8. He has said he's confused before about having a relationship. Anyways last night we were working together and we ended up kissing/making out. He wasn't a very good kisser. Kind of sloppy. I like him but it felt weird after. What should I do?


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  • Why weird if you like him tho? If you like him, then it's simple. If he likes you back, then go for it!

    • I just feel like I should be happier that it happened. I'm happy about it but feel like it was just weird and part of me is still stuck on the guy I liked before him and I didn't feel that way until we kissed last night. I'm confused and feel like things are going to be weird. The kiss itself was amazing and I don't really know what to think about it

    • Ohoh.. that first line tho. It shows that you're conflicted. What I suggest is get over the guy you liked before him first! Depending on how comfortable you're with this current guy, you can talk to him about it. Perhaps you guys need to have more time together to understand each other, and for you to move on from the previous guy. Until you've moved on from the previous one, it would be quite unwise to step into a relationship now (if you're considering one).

  • I think you shouldn't put much thought on it and just see how things develop.


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