Calling all ladies, and gents on emotional unavailability give all oppions don't be scared?

Im dating this guy we started as FWBs. At times he seems like he does things to avoid opening up to me. I usually don't, but with him I will. However, he avoids touchy subjects. How to get him to open up? I think he is unsure about my placement, but we have been involved for damn there a year. Obviously, I am not going anywhere. However, he has had bad run ins with other women before me. It is confusing, and I am losing it. My eyes are beginning to wonder, because I feel unappreciated/ unwanted. I know he cares, because of his actions, but damn he is difficult.

Calling all ladies, and gents on emotional unavailability give all oppions don't be scared???


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  • What in his actions shows that he cares? You guys are just having sex right?

    • We date now. We have even tried double dating with my sister, and his friend. We do basically everything a couple does, but he just isn't open like I want him to be. We cuddle, we hang out. We have fun together. I don't know, sweetkiss99, I think that It is probably a result of starting out as FWBs. Although, I know that we will not grow together if it doesn't change, and it scares me.

    • Doing couple things doesn't mean your in a relationship. Did he ask you to be his woman, are you guys exclusive. Well you started the relationship based off sex, it a huge chance that is why. He is holding back. rare.. But I've seen couples who started off like that and they stayed together. You really need to have a talk with him. Rather than assume things. Ask him why isn't he opening up, and tell him you feel he's being distant. Tell him you want more. Demand answers and not in a rude way but speak your mind. At the end of the day. You have to ask yourself does he want to be with me or just stringing me alone. I was this guys friends with benefits for over a year and it ended. As a woman you have to tell him how you feel. Because a man is only gonna do what you allow. This is why some women give men an autimatum. Its like what are we doing here.

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