How to start a conversation online to intrigue her?

I've been plenty of dates and always find easier to talk in person than online.. I just started this dating online thing and I'm curious on what girls find interesting and trying to avoid being that boring guy by starting it of by saying hey or what's up guy.. Any tips would be appreciative


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  • Do you know anything about her?

    • Nope it's a online dating app.. I'm just trying to figure out how to start it off to spark interest.. In person usually just base my conversations of my surroundings and go from there but this is a little different lol

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    • If a guy wrote you that you would be interested? I'm just thinking the online dating stuff is different from actually meeting someone in person.. I was curious on what topics etc would keep the conversation alive..

    • What would NOT make me want to talk to a guy is if he start's off like "hey babyy" or anything stupid flirty like that, makes me think he just wants sex, is a player, etc. I think what would be the best is if you just said "hey, nice to meet you :)"

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  • I usually just talk like i would in real life, works wonders. Seriously, just say hi, be friendly, and mention something you like about her profile. Oh and keep it short!!!


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