She said she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend?

she was flirting with me lots, ie smiling, staring, laughing, touching me, initiating convo, soo many things, so i told her i like her and she has a boyfriend, she then said she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend? can she really be not sure or is she letting me down? maybe she does like me but likes her boyfriend more, i didn't make a move and he did, all theese are possiblities, anyway what should i do now? ignore her? move on and be friends? i mean if she wants me she has to make the move now right? Last night at work she came over and said i want to sit next to you, and then started talking laughing , smiling, she even touched the back of my hair, and said i miss you already just as i was about to go home, then today she ignored me! didn't even look at me, what is going on?


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  • Did you KNOW that she had a boyfriend before you confessed to her? If so, then it was really foolish of you to do that. But if you didn. t not know about it, she just played with your feelings and led you on, probably to get an 'ego boost'.

    But either way, this is what you need to do - cut of all contact with her. You'll only feel more emotional pain if you continue interacting with her.

    • no i didn't know that she had a boyfriend.. i was AMAZED when she said im not sure if i like you more than a friend, we get on so well and i thought she was begging me to ask her out.

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    • is it not a possiblity that she does like me tho? but she has a boyfriend and maybe likes him more?

    • Maybe she likes you a bit, but do you REALLY want to have anything to do with a person like her? You're MUCH better of without her.

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