Confusion with new girl, am I over-thinking things?

I started talking to this girl about a week ago im 23 she`s 21, I met her a month ago but we really only hit it off last week. We text everday all day and they're long convos. We hung out on Tuesday she came over to my place to watch a movie, I made a movie late in the night just kissed her and she said what took you so long? Now yesterday I asked her when she wanted to hang out agin and she said how about tonight, she was done work at 10, went home showered got changed etc and got to my place at 11:30, i made a move quicker this time and when i tried to intiate sex she kinda seemed like she didn't want to, so we just cuddled, she went home pretty quickly she said she was tired cause she worked from 9am -10pm. Now was I wrong in assuming that we could have sex? I mean she came over late and was laying in my bed. And also she really only came for about an hour and a half, why go thorugh the trouble of getting ready etc and then leave quickly, was she really tired or did i scare her off, texting her today is weird, it`s all one word replies and very different from how we`d been all week. Am i overthinking things, what should I do


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  • I wouldn't say you were wrong, however, what is there to think about? She just doesn't want to have sex so fast! She hardly knows you dude.

    • I get that, I misread the situation obviously, question is, is this a deal breaker like can I come back from it I really do like this girl and we get along really well.

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    • im not rushing into sex, i could wait in all honesty. It was just the signs i was getting, coming over late night, her saying it took me forever to kiss her last time. Her saying she couldn`t wait to be done work to come and see me. It just threw me off like I didn't force sex or anything, but it just got weird but i did put on like music and stuff and maybe made it seem like i was setting up for just sex.

    • Just chill and have a bit more confidence. She'll be around.

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  • Yes, you are always wrong if you assume that you can have sex with a girl. Sometimes, girls jump into things quickly and then they step back and reconsider what they are doing. They don't communicate that to you so you get confused bout their signals. Try calling her - no text - and tell her you are sorry if you offended her but you are extremely attracted to her and simply misread her signals. Ask her put for a date, something that doesn't involve just coming to your apartment and having sex. If she gets the idea that you are interested in her for more than just sex, she may give you another chance.


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  • Ask her and when a woman say they are tired 😫 then they are and like men they have to be in the mood for sex, don't rush maybe she just wanted to kiss and nothing more.


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