Having Aspergers, High-Functioning Autism should not make it hopeless, impossible for a guy to get a girlfriend right? because I hope not?

being in my mid-20's i still haven't had a girlfriend yet unfortuneately, it's been depressing for me for a while now, and for a while i have felt that Aspergers has been holding me back, but at the same time i don't want to give up, because the innate, instinctive desire for wanting a girlfriend, sex, companionship is still there inside of me
and as a guy, i don't know why, i feel i shouldn't, but i've always hated, detested the gender role that guys always have to make the first move and be the initiators, i never felt like i had that hunter instinct


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  • You just have not met the woman that is just for you, don't lose hope because your health challenge is just one that is a challenge, there is more to you then that and focus on the other things such as your talents and gifts.

    Ask yourself what I do well, tell yourself each day this is going to be the best day of my life and tell yourself that I love all of me.

    This doesn't stop you from smiling, take yourself on a dates and just be a friend first to a woman then later maybe more will come your way.

    Have a great day 😊.


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  • My cousin has Asperger's. A very acute form of it and he is married. There is always hope for you out there

    • i assume he met his wife in his 20s

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