Ex boyfriend liking instagram pics. why is he doing this?

He has also texted me a few times throughout last month but I have ignored. He moved away to another state for no reason and i'm hurt and don't want to talk to him. Why is he texting me after I have ignored his texts and why is he liking my instagram pics? There is no point in us talking, he is in another state and I don't want a friends with benifits or casual relationship.


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  • He wants to be your boyfriend again.


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  • Tell him how it affected you that he moved to another state, and ask him his reason and what is his purpose for him staying in touch through text and instagram.

    Maybe you don't know the full reason, it is just plain rude of you to not answer his text.

    Just maybe he would like to be more than your play thing, or have a casual relationship with you.

    He is still interested in you! A man likes honesty and telling a man how you feel because they don't know how a woman feels, when you tell him don't judge him and do it in a nonjudgmental way.

    • I undersstand but when we did live in the same state. He didn't really commit to me, he has issues with commitment and I know that the only reason why he i contacting me because he just wants to know i'm there and wants me in his life without commitment. Commitmentphobics love relationships like that.

    • He knows that i'm upset with him, before he moved he said I know you hate me and you're not happy that i'm moving.

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