Have you been rejected after a first get together with a guy or girl?

is that normal?


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  • No but I have done a lot of rejecting.

    The oddest situation like this I've ever had was a friend of mine tried to set me up on a blind date with a girl who worked in his legal office part time. She was an airline hostess and very tall, (5' 11") and complained to him of not being able to meet many guys who were tall enough for her. He told her about me (I'm 6' 2") and said he'd see if I was available. In the mean time she thought about it and decided against the date. I never did find out what he told her about me.

    So about two weeks later I had to drop off some papers at his firm and decided to go by motorcycle but got caught in a rainstorm, so I showed up tousled from my helmet and dripping on the carpet apologizing in my best Jimmy Stewart manner. She happened to be on the desk and took the papers, though I didn't know it was her. Apparently she went straight in and asked my friend, "Was that the guy you tried to set me up with?", he said it was and did she want him to see if I was still available? "Oh hell yes!" was her reply.

    She was very enthusiastic!

    • Will you find it normal that a guy blew you off like 3 months after the first get togehter and do not want not even a second get togehter and there were no signals of things going wrong between you two after the first date? Even if you had planned to get a second get togehter to cleebrate the guys birthday still the guy blew u off like 3 mos after the first get together. Between the first get together and the moment the guy blew you off, there had not been any kind of personal contact like for the guy to assume something may had caused the guy to change his decision about her. since they were not even seeing each other after the first get together just text each other but that is different as you can get to know a person through text.

    • Sounds like he found someone else.

    • The guy also changed when he went to a overseas trip that is where he text the lady the odd text, before the tirp they were good during the trip he changed and sent u an odd text with no explanation of any kind it was an unexpected text. I guess he acted like a immature guy blewing u off through text an the guy in question is an adult.

What Girls Said 1

  • Like sex or first date? Either way I'm sure it is normal but sadly men always want another date with me. Except one time when My deodorant had clumped up in my armpit during the summer. I went to the date straight from the gym after a long run and was hurrying so as not to be late. He couldn't get out of there fast enough.

    • regular date. Lets call it first get together as a first date sounds more serious.

    • I think it's completely normal. I'm actually questioning why so many of my dates make it past the first or second date. Most people you have one date with are in no way a good match for you and it doesn't take it long to pick up on that. A first date is like nothing. For me it is a quick drink or two to see if you want to go on an actual date with that person. Because of that I get a little more nervous on the second date. It's like things were good the first time we met but will the chemistry be off tonight? If I have a good second date with a guy it is a long date and I usually see them for a while after that.

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