How can people just jump from relationship to relationship? Don't you feel the pain of your previous relationship ending?

People seem to just to basically overide there emotions into a new person almost instantly.. ?



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  • yeah I am wondering too. I knew this girl she said she loved her boyfriend si much they were together for 2 years but knew each other since before that. Then they broke up and 1 month later she is posting pics with her new boyfriend writing lovey dovey quotes. i am all like what? I thought u love the other guy this is stupid. U can't cry for a guy forever but thats moving on fast.


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  • I personal couldn't do that emotionally and I don't see many guys I want to date so it would be hard for me. I think people need time to heal and find themselves before they go and be with someone else.

  • maybe because it didn't mean that much to them


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