Girls, how do you get a girlfriend?

Hi guys, I'm curios to know how this whole dating thing works. I'm 25 and next had a steady girlfriend only a string of meaningless sex and one night stands... What makes a girl want to be with a guy long term? And where do you usually meet a girl you want to date? I'm my experience bars don't really cater for these types... i know my appreance isn't that bad as shallow as it sounds I'm apparently 7/10 and I have been told I'm pretty funny. Your help would be great thanks.


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  • Bars aren't the best place to find people looking for long-term relationships... If you're not in school anymore, try joining an organization that you can identify with (volunteer work, etc), or try meeting someone online that lives close enough by that you could meet in person if things go well. A girl looks for a man who is mature, financially stable, smart, doesn't curse a lot, and has a clean record, among other things.


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