I feel confused.. Is he using me just for sex?

Because I slept too soon with him. In the second date but I guess I don't regret.
He write me almost every day and in the 3 date he took my hand and we went to his house and he cooked for me but he suggested to his friends that we were going to have sex and it made me feel bad. I was there in front of them.

He is sweet and wants me to go out with his friends. He also invited me to go out to the beach with him because he surfs but what if he just want me because of sex?
I feel so confused that I told him that I was going to be out for all the week (in fact is just 3 days but I need time to think) and he called me and wished me luck.


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  • Too soon? What, like less than 15 minutes from meeting?

    Having sex on the first or second date is typical, but only with someone you like, if you don't like him, cut the first date short and move on.

    You have several things going on here. 1. He doesn't respect you. Why the heck would a guy embarrass you like that? He is using you as a trophy to show off to his friends. This is childish. 2. You are playing games. Forget all this number of days and stuff like that. Go with the flow. 3. You are letting yourself get feelings when you really shouldn't. Don't even think of finding the right guy until you are over 25, and 27 is better. 4. You are a friends with benefits, and he is not being discrete about it as he should be. If that is ok with you, then fine, but don't read more into than that.

    I suggest you find a guy who is more mature. You will be treated better.


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  • Well so far you are using each other because your not in a exclusive relationship and just dating. You are spreading your legs freely and he is partaking in it. If you say no to sex and he doesn't call you or want to hang out then it will look that way. Right now he is just taking up on your offer.

  • Does it matter?
    If he does not want to get into a relationship with you then yes, just sex.
    But until you enjoy it you're actually doing the same so... your call.


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