Why is my wife and my friend's husband like this?

I have two female friends that I hang with, besides my wife. I go to the gym, and bars, and even to dinner with both of them. I text them commonly. however, my wife's been mad at me for this. why is she angry at me for having female friends? one girl's husband is OK with me hanging out with his wife, but the other is angry at me. WTF is with my wife and husband number 2? people can be friends with whoever they want! nobody's cheating!


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  • Do i believe that men and women can be friends? Yes i do. But sometimes when a women is in love with a man, she might feel uncomfortable with her man around another women. In fear that he might see something better and leave her. Losing someone you love is a scary thought. Try to see from her point of view. Have you ever invited her along with you to hang out with your two female friends? maybe if she knew them well enough, shell know that she would have nothing to worry about. Have you ever sat her down, told her how much she means to you and that you'll never hurt her? Next time you are out with your female friends, call your wife and tell her that you miss her. Knowing a man would take the time to call while he's out having fun with friends, really makes a women feel special. She'll soon realize that you are just friends with them and would accept the friendship between you guys more. making not only you happy. But her as well. Its a process but yes women do need to be assured sometimes.

    • I have assured her nothing is happening. But she thinks it's not me, but them.

    • And my friends enjoy these activities more than my wife or their husbands

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