Would it be lying if I told her she was my first?

When i was in my early teens, i had a "GF" for about 4 months. But it was long distance (i met her playing an online game). The thing is though, we never kissed, hugged, we never even MET in person because we lived so far away.

The whole relationship was a huge mistake, and looking back, I'm honestly embarrassed by it. So i don't consider her to have been a real girlfriend. I really just want to start over with a clean slate. So would i be lying if i told my current girlfriend that she was my first GF? Its not because i want to decieve her... its just that I'm ashamed and embarrassed about my past and I'd rather not tell her. And like i said, I'd like to start over with a clean slate.


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  • Here's my opinion... if you have never met someone or never even went out with that person, then no. You guys wouldn't be considered boyfriend & girlfriend. Your situation would be more considered as a fun, flirting pastime. Should you tell your current girlfriend that she's your first? Yes. Because she is a real person that you have met and went out with. You wouldn't be lying.


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  • What does your "early teens" mean? 'Cause I had a relationship when I was 13 that I don't count. Let's be real... who would count that? We didn't even talk. lol


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  • Not really dude, forget about the whole online thing. The situation you described is basically two friends roleplaying. If one get's bored they just leave. Even I've done it. Just put it in the past, no one has to know about it.


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