Is dating an engineer who is assertive ideal?

I am asking because many engineers are introverted but what if he is extroverted?
  • His job really doesn't matter much to me
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  • Most engineers I've ever known don't have trouble being assertive. Many have trouble keeping their opinions, criticism and recommendations/commands to themselves!

    (Source: Several awful years dating an EE!)

    *Some are cool guys and gals, though. But being kind, flexible, cooperative and forgiving tend to be traits that many engineers need a little help with.


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  • Why not... I mean Im thinking of going into engineering so sure

  • It doesn't matter to me. I mean, it's great if he loves his job and is happy, then that would make me happy. Being assertive might balance out my introverted self, as long as he isn't pushy. I have dated extroverts, they were fun.

    My dad is an extroverted engineer. He loves going to parties and huge work bbqs. He's always the main guy on the grill.

  • In general, I tend to date guys who are more extroverted. I think that's just because they're usually the ones who ask me out though, I don't have a problem with introverted people. I'd say I'm more introverted than extroverted myself.

    On jobs, I'm not so specific about that in terms of preferences. I've dated guys of different career paths/backgrounds.


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