Girl from overseas not replying to my text. What to do next?

Hey ladies,

I met a girl a few days ago. She's from Taiwan, and just came to the country 6 days ago. I was instantly attracted to her and I introduced myself to her. She was with another girl, which she introduced to me as her "friend". They might have been a lesbian couple because the other girl had short hair (trimmed on the sides). I'm NOT trying to discriminate here, just stating my observations.

I asked for he number and she gave it to me. However, she grabbed her phone from her friend's backpack (it wasn't her friend's phone since her friend also had a phone). We entered our details onto each other's phones. She said "we should keep in touch, yeah?" and of course I agreed.

So I called her the next night, and she didn't pick up. So like an hour later, I texted her saying how are you and the usual stuff.

And it's been a day now since she hasn't replied. What should I do in this situation? Since she's only been in the country for merely a week, I'm losing hope if that number was just a temporary number. She obviously had a SIM card in her phone. Or maybe she's out of credit on her phone and can only receive texts/calls? And it seemed that she wasn't attached to her phone at all.. she didn't even remember her number at first. Or is this just wishful thinking on my half?

The only thing I can do to guarantee me seeing her is if I were to go to her residence and confront her. Should I contact her one more time? I thought we really clicked and I was really attracted to her, and I don't want this opportunity to go.



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  • Well, like you said she's not attached to her phone, she could've misplaced it for all you know. If you're brave enough to go to her residence, why not? Since you're attracted to her, you might as well find out if she feels the same

    • Thanks for the opinion. I'll considering it hmmm, although I'm not entirely sure if she's at the residence I'm assuming she's at (she didn't tell me, but she said she's at a backpacker's residence and I know the one most Asian people go to).

    • Good luck with that! I always believe that if two people are meant to be, they'll always find each other in the end ;)

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