Guys, if your girlfriend hadn't spoken to you all day?

when you normally talk everyday would you be worried? would you call or text her to check on her? would you mind not talking to her for a day?


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  • I would not mind talking to her for a day. I would just think she is busy or something. At the end of the day at night when I was home I might give her a call or text but other than that I would just leave her to it.

    • I think that's how my boyfriend is too. We haven't spoken since early this morning and i haven't heard from him since. I figure I'm going to start giving him more space and let him text or call if he wants to chat.

    • Yes that is a good idea. While a man might love a girl he also likes space sometimes to. You don't want to come across as clingy. :)

    • Thank you so much Ashley.

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  • people who r dating or in a relationship talk everyday? FUk that's cruel lol , the man got a life it's okie not to talk for a day


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