Why lesbian girl have crush on me?

I'm just surprise by my good lesbian friend have crush on me. I ask her why u like me? She said when u give me a hug just sudden she started feelings for me. She like I respect her sexuality I don't force on her to like boys. I look at her as my sister and always protect her. I'm wondering it did happen to u too?


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  • She has a crush on you or likes you as a friend?

    • I think she look at me more than a friend right now

    • A crush implies she sees you more as a lover.
      I guess it's normal that people like you when you are acting humanely with them... Yes, it happened to me a couple of times. I don't judge people, so those people on the fringe of society appreciate that I don't judge them. It led to some people being able to reveal stuff to me that had been weighting on them and it made them feel much better.

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