Things are pretty good between me and my boyfriend but for some reason he doesn't invite me to stay the night at his house. Should I be worried?

He says he wants me in his life, i have met his family, and he introduces me to people as his girlfriend. But he hardly ever ask's me to stay the night with him! He once told me that if he isn't used to the person sleeping next to him, then he can't sleep. So shouldn't i stay the night more often? So he can get used to me? But he doesn't ask me to stay. I mean shouldn't a boyfriend want his girlfriend to stay the nights? Its always the same, itll get late, we would snuggle, and then he'll send me on home. Am I over reacting that he doesn't ask me to stay the night with him? We have been together for a couple of months now.


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  • It may be to soon for him to take that step, it may scare him a bit... I'd ask him if it were more than just not being able to sleep


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