Should I moved on or follow my friend's advice?

See I won't go into too much detail because the entire story is really long but I think I should give you guys the general set up.

So I liked a girl and she was everything I liked, attractive, intelligent, and funny the whole thing. Well we started talking back in March and I got her number, we started talking and she seemed to really enjoy talking to me. Of course me being the dumbass I am I fucked it up several times. For example making her feel rejected by walking away in the middle of a conversation, not realizing it wasn't over. Then barely talking to her because of the awkwardness.

Of course in May I learned that she had liked me back but I did jackshit and just continued to do nothing. I've barely talked to her since early in the year and looking back now I just can't believe my own stupidity. I have nobody to blame but myself. Me basically fucking it up with the girl of my dreams. I still have to see her everyday but I know she doesn't care anymore and it just kills me inside.

I've been trying to get over her, but some of my friends have been saying I should start talking to her again and or just ask her out to get closure. Now I've kinda drifted to the center and I'm not sure what to do and so I was wondering what I should do. What do you guys think.
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