Guys I need help (delicate situation)?

Hello everyone!
So here's my problem :
I've been best friend with this guy for 3 years but actually I'm in love with him! it maybe seems cheesy but I feel sooo happy when I'm with him and I've never felt that for anyone! I'm currently 17 and yeah... I've never had a boyfriend so I'm quite lost right now :S How can I tell him? Oh and I've told him once that I 'used ' to love him because I didn't want to freak him out so I pretend not to feel those feelings toward him but actually I still love him! (sorry I'm a mess hahaha)

Thank you so much! :)


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  • Tell him exactly what you told us! I think it'd work quite well.
    Also, best friends dating is the most ideal thing ever, unless you break up.

    • Thank youuuuuu! and yeah it is because you both know each others VERY well so it's great ! :P

    • If that's you in your profile picture he probably can't help liking you lol

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