Should I message this girl I asked out at her job?

So, I went to a store today with my sister, we were looking around and I kept making eye contact with this really cute girl that works there, I made a joke, she laughed and we left. Anyways, I went back and my sister went to a different store so I was talking to her, asked which product was best and I bought one. I decided to go back to get her number, but I also acted like I wanted to change my product, so we chatted for about 10 minutes and eventually I asked her what time she got off and if she wanted to go out sometime. She had been making direct eye-contact throughout the time I was there, laughing, etc. Anyways she was like, I don't know and threw her arms in the air. She said she didn't know me so I just offered her my number and she could text me, so I gave her my number and left. Not 10 minutes later she added me on facebook. What should I do? Should I wait a few days to message her? Wait for her to message me? text me? please help, this girl is gorgeous and just... ah.. Thanks.


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  • Well it seems you guys are hitting it off pretty nicely and If she added you that quickly shows that she's interested. and wanted to check you out a little more on facebook. Im guessing she might have check out your page to figure you out a little more. remember that even though you guys did have a friendly encounter, you still are considered a stranger to her. So wait a couple of hours before messaging her. So you don't off as to strong. when you do message her don't bring up that moment when you asked her out. instead just get to know her more. favorite movies, foods, things like that. message her for a couple of days. Then go back to the store and talk to her in person again. If she seems really happy to see you, and it all goes well, later that night message her and ask her out again. Hopefully this time itll work out. Usually i would always say to not wait and go for it but in your case it sounds like you had to make up for that weird moment lol

    • Well, she added me and I didn't know whether to message her, and now it's late. Should I message her tomorrow? Just at any time?

    • yeah message her tomorrow, i think sometime in the afternoon would be better, that way its more casual and friendly. you don't want to wait to long, and good morning texts are mostly for people who are either going out or "talking".

    • She didn't message me back so she's not interested, obviously. Thanks for all the advice though.

      She messaged me first though, so it was probably just a courtesy thing. She said she'd love to get food sometime. I said that'd be awesome and when was she free. No response. She even said I was sweet, which is probably a sign she wasn't interested. "SWEET"? Smh. Thanks for the help though.

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