Got a long distance crush, how do I get to the next level?

This is going to seem silly, but my crush lives on the other side of the country. The story? We met at work - he is a vendor. We have known each other for months, but over the past couple of weeks, it has felt like he was flirting. He was recently in town and we had lots of in-person meetings. We started to get to know each other (personally, not just work stuff). And I think he is interested. We have chemistry.

Here is what has happened to date:
* he has hinted about me visiting him in his city several times
* we went on a lunch date
* he has called me pretty and compliments me at almost conversation
* he is a work "cheerleader" for me, talks me up to management / partners
* he talks about personal stuff: details about relationships with his family members
* he is excited when we find we have something in common
* he seems genuinely interested in what is happening in my life
* we have discussed we are both single right now (recently ended something)

We haven't spent any real time alone yet. He escalated touching: we started hugging while he was on this visit, each growing in intimacy - but still at work.

Here is how our last week has played out:
Goodbye meeting: spent 1/3 of the time on personal stuff, joked about getting sidetracked with getting to know each other, and finding more commonalities. He promised on the next visit we'd spent time together - not in the work setting. We've texted almost daily this week about a little bit of work stuff and some personal stuff. We had a meeting via google hangouts this week as well. We spent 1/2 the time catching up on our weeks, and the other half on work stuff.

He is sending signals, we are connecting pretty deeply (he feels like a long lost friend, not just someone I find attractive). Our conversations are great, I


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  • Can you meet somewhere equidistant?

    • I'd say it makes more sense for us to meet each other in our respective areas. He has friends and family in my area (and a place). I have friends in his area. It would cost the same to meet in the middle, with little discernible benefit.

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