Girls, I'm completely lost?

She asked for some space and I'm giving it to her. She still has my stuff. She says we're broken up but says we'll talk about us after some time. She never gave a good reason to why she broke up with me and has changed the reason each time. I'm completely lost to all of this.


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  • In your relationship, she may have been feeling that she was smothered and needed some time and some 'Space' for herself. It sounds like a "Break" and not some Breakup in my eyes. She could be giving you lame duck excuses because she didn't know how to tell you the real one and that is she didn't want to be hooked at he hip right now.
    Don't ask her for your things just yet. If she hasn't told you to come and get them or as offered to drop them, you are still in a relationship on Hold for now.
    As confusing as it seems, she just needed some air here, dear, so don't pressure her and when she is ready, she will most likely You... We'll talk about us after some time.
    However, if you see within a month that it isn't happening, tell her you too are taking your own "Break" and will stay on this until she is ready and if Not... Go get your stuff. You can't wait around for her forever.
    This then would be the 'Breakup' I am talking about. The closure of getting your clothes.
    Good luck. x

  • Regain her trust, start over again, it wouldn't hurt.


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