Why are all (well most) girls who want to see me on dating websites really ugly?

Is this normal?

I mean, I'm not ugly, but I'm not extremely attractive either. I'm above average I'm sure.

These girls are just hideous. I'm sorry, but I'm speaking the truth.

They'll send me boring one word messages to get my attention and then expect me to answer them.


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  • Well... can you blame them for trying? I mean, I'm pretty sure most girls here can attest to receiving messages or dick pics from guys who are just plain ugly. But again... at least they tried.

    • Tried what? Getting a restraining order?

      If you're ugly, you shouldn't "try".

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    • They should be banned that's how we can stop them.

    • And encrease the suicide rate? Dude, I don't see how limiting people in their pursuit of happiness just so that your ego wouldn't be damaged is going to be of any help. Humans want love and/or intimacy. Even ugly ones. And they will try to get it. Arguing this is like arguing that evil people should stop being evil - a moot point.

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