Girls, what would you do in this situation?

Say you're already talking to a guy. Let's called him guy 1. You two have been hanging out and he asks you on a date or two but you guys aren't official yet and you actually kinda like him too.

Then during this time, another guy approaches you and asks you on a date. Guy 2. Would you still go on a date with guy 2 or would you tell him that you're already going on dates with guy 1? I know as a guy, usually guys will pursue a girl even if she is talking to someone else if they are not official.
  • yes I will go on a date or dates with guy 2
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  • no I will not go on date with guy 2 and stick with guy 1
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What Girls Said 2

  • If i really liked guy 1 then i wouldn't pursue guy 2. But if i wasn't sure about guy 1 then i would give guy 2 a chance.

  • I'm with guy one even if it is unofficial


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