Girls, a girl I like invited me to a party?

I have a few questions and I wanna make a good impression on her and her family and friends

do I eat like I'm enjoying myself or hold back for a while
do I dress well (was told it was business casual) do I wear a tie with the dress shirt I was gonna wear do I do it nice and tight
With my top button buttoned
Do I drink
a lot?
a little?
Not at all? (She drinks moderately but doesn't get wasted or drunk I'm not into trashy things like that, I also drink in moderation cuz I don't like being sloppy drunk all the time)
Do I talk a lot and tell my funny stories or listen to her stories and laugh
the bottom line is answer all these questions and tell me how YOU would expect me to dress/drink/eat/behave


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  • Yes, don't overeat but they'll like it if you seem to approve of their cooking and take some instead of just leaving it because they might find that to be rude that you didn't take enough or something. Yes, dress like you plan, you might not need to wear the tie, it might look a little over the top but if the tie completes the look, then wear it. And don't button the top button. You can drink, but drink like one or two drinks slowly. And yeah talk to everyone and tell your stories, but definitely make sure to listen when the time comes.


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