Should I do it?

I find a room in an appartment but i have to share kitchen toilet, shower, but i haven't met her yet. What if she is a bitch or living with ehr is a total nigthmare? Its in adifferent big city, i have no friends or family there


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  • I'm sure it will be fine

    It not pee on her hair brush


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  • it could go really well or really horrible. probably best and safest to just save up until you can get ur own spot. just to avoid any potential nightmares. haha

    • im 23... i really want move out

    • if ur really really wanting to get out and thats all you can find, then go for it! just be careful. maybe meet her before you move in with her. maybe itll be awesome and you guys will get along really well and it will be perfect!

    • i dont have time to meet her, the landlord wants an answer

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