Girls, would you mind if a female friend told you that one of her friends likes you?

Like would you lose respect for the guy or would you be too embarrassed to talk to him anymore? The guy isn't a friend either. He's more like an aqauintance.
  • No, it's completely ok
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  • It depends...
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  • It's kind of creepy
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  • It makes him look weak
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  • It's too embarrassing
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What Girls Said 2

  • Nah, I wouldn't mind. I would treat him the same way I'd treat him if I didn't know that he liked me.

  • I guess it would depend on the situation...

    • Like we barely know each other and she's a very shy person. I never see her at school except for one class and we sit on opposite sides of the room so we can't talk to each other. One of my best friends is good friends with her and offered to tell her that I am interested in getting to know her better, but that might kill my chances.

    • Why don't u tell her urself after class?

    • I could. I wasn't originally planning on having a friend tell her, but she insists that she should tell her.

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