Guys, why has he out of nowhere stopped responding to my messages?

I have been seeing this guy for a while now and the connection was there from the start. It sounds cliché, but he really is ALL that I've ever been looking for. The times we've seen each other has been over my expectations and for every time I've fallen harder for him. The last time we saw each other he said really sweet things and also that we would definitely see each other again soon. He is a busy man and I respect that. This means that there's not always a lot of time for us to meet up, but despite this we spent almost an entire day together the last time even though he was already behind schedule. On Thursday (now it's Saturday) I asked him if he had time Friday evening and that I wanted to see him. We communicate through messenger, so you can see if someone has read your message. He still hasn't read it, which is very unlike him to do. And earlier today I sent him something I had promised him to send. He hasn't read that either, even though he is online. We don't usually text much, but it has been at least 1 novel long message a day from both of us. Now, suddenly, three days have passed since my first unread message and five since we last spoke. His absence really scares me and makes me ridiculously sad too, since I really, really like this guy. I honestly have NO IDEA what to think. I am so afraid I will never get to see him again I can't think straight. Please, I really need advice.


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  • Pretending he is still into you, there may be some technical reasons he could not respond. I have had those.

    This app for example started crashing for one person I was trying to respond to. It took a day before I got a message and had to use a different device


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