Men if you are in love do you get gushy with your partner in private?


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  • Not really, more so than in public but I wouldn't describe it as gushy.

    • Do you tell her how much she means or that you care?

    • I tell her I love her, but its really more casual than some deep emotional moment, when I'm away I tell her I miss her, and at times I tell her she looks great. But hell I'm 30, she's 32, we've been together for two years. Gushy is for kids.

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  • I don't. I only did in my last relationship because she wanted it, but all of the stupid nicknames and stuff annoy the hell out of me after a while. My last girlfriend was ALWAYS wanting to make out or cuddle and I began to resent her and see her as a child because of it. I ended it on good terms before it got worse.

    • Yeah that's a phase it goes away.

    • With her it didn't go away. It lasted for 2 years! And it got worse

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