Still thinking about this girl for an 1 month. Anyway to get over it?

New to the dating game & so my good friends matched up me w/ their friend. It got me hyped she's 22

We finally gone out (4x) aftr a month of hyping & we will always have fun. Was interest in her & thought she was the one to be my first girlfriend (dumb mistake). Most of the time, our friends will isolated us &she seemed interest

I would text every other day or so in a 3 weeks period. Also like whn she views my snapchat, godammit

I called her (Sun) & asked if I can take her out. Thur was our date. She said she busy on Wed CanadaDay) w/ fam. Tho on Wed, I came across our friend w/her & was wtf but brushed it off. Started drinkin w/ them & left them to meet up my other friends for fireworks. Its Thur, felt great & then I got a text dat we had to rescheduled cuz she's hungover from Wed. We planed dat comin Sat to meet up. Then Fri @work, I got a text if we could meet up today. I accepted it

Aftr work, took cab & rushed to our meetin spot before her. Told her we goin to get icecream. She said she can't stay long. didn't really bother me, tho I assumed she was free all dat night. Went to the place & we waited in line. Few sIient moments, I would inital convos, she'll be lookin on her phone (she was standing behind me). Seem she wasn't interested even when we were choosin our flavours. Got our icecream and a table. I wanted us to eat at my rooftop but she wanted to eat inside. I dnt do well with loud music. We chill. Seem she was shy or uninterested through out our "date" but we kept the convo goin. Aftr ~30min she said she has to go to have a fam night Dropped her off the bus stop & walked off with an impression that, Dam she's not intersted in me

Followin days aftr the "date", I texted twice; 1 after the date & another one 2days after the 1st one. She stops viewing my snaps & been unactive ever since.

Now till this day, I still think about her even tho i keep myslf busy: paintin, sewin & gym. recently snapping & now she's viewing them
  • Should I text her "how she's doing" or somewhere along the line
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  • Do my thing (projects) and dunno ask my friend "how she's doing"
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  • Get $$ and stunt on her (jk)
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  • Shit. Clicked wrong button.

    Would have clicked 'B' if I wasn't retarded.

    I dunno why she would have agreed to have that ice cream with you if she had already written you off. That's weird.

    But whatever. You need to not give her a second of your mind's time.

    Don't text her. Don't call her. Don't ask about her.


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