Please describe in brief. What is date?

I have no ideas about date. If you describe in brief so that I can understand really what is it? Don't laugh please. I am asking seriously. I had no girlfriend in past nor have in present too. But today it's common from teenagers to old. Date means meeting together for hours in a special place, gossiping, lunch/dinner together... Is it enough or more it? I want to know from both guys and girls.
Please describe in brief, what is date?


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  • It can b anything u do with somebody ur dating. Conversation is usually pretty important, doing something u both enjoy, getting to know each other,

    • Nice answer dear @AmandaLynn1930. At least you took it careful. Thanks a lot dear. Physical relation, I mean inter course is a part of dating or not? Is it needed or not? If you reply, I'll share , what happened with me and why I wanted to know here?

    • It's not necessary, but sometimes it comes along with it. I'd say most people r physical with each other when they r dating...

    • Thanks a lot to clear me dear @AmandaLynn1930. Actually I from a very simple family. By nature I am really very very simple, honest truthful, straight forward, romantic but strong character. I am married but very very unhappy, may be divorce soon. Physical relationship is about stopped. So I joined some dating site. Though I am failed to get a single real female. But Unfortunately one day a call received from a lady and with a few days we decided to meet at a shopping Moll according to her wish. I reached in time but she was late. Took lunch, some introduction, passed about one hour... She demanded to shop something for her son's birthday. I agreed. But she collected so many costly items. I paid and after few minutes I returned home. She said so many false/untrue statements. No greetings except a single handshake. It was 1st date in my life.

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  • A date is a number , given to the 24 hour period of time. An hour is a 60 minute period of time, a minute is a 60 second period of time. A second is the time that elapsed during 9.19 x 10^9 cycles of radiation produced by transition between two levels of the cesium 133 atom.


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