Really serious mature problem?

I was 23 dating a 20 year old. she had just told me she got off an abusive relationship (1st sign warning she likes women abusers). I was living in my uncles living room at the time since i had just moved into nyc/part time job. I totally didn't feel comfortable bringing this chick at his house so we'd always date outdoors. At the beginning she was so into me she was hinting into sex but would be scared to go far so i left it alone. She soon started going to parties without me. I'd always spoil this chick goot basketball, baseball, soccer seats/good restaurants/suprise gift etc you name it just the best and i will always be that YES men whenever she asked for something expensive dates such as a live concert etc. I noticed soon enough she began to flirt around (i seen it on facebook). We'd talk it out but it will happend again and again. Keep in mind all these talks not once i raised my voice when in reality i should have goned ape sh1t on her. I bet she been thinking this dude is soft. One time some guys was talking smack to her in the street and i got into a fist fight with and i lost (stupid embarrassing). After this if she looked at me even worster i bet and this deff made it worster. She dumped me for a stupid reason. I then started dating a new girl and with this girl i was having sex asap. Now my called me and we met up. She hits me with she wants to just be friends+open relationship. We also never had sex because she said she was a virgin. She even got a tattoo and a togue piercing.

Call me stupid is this chick lying about being a virgin? and i feel like she lost respect for me/doesnt see me menly enough etc maybe thats why too


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  • You should have left her the first time. If she really wanted you she would have asked you to come back. Who cares if she's a vigin cause it shouldn't concern you anymore.


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