He haven't texted me in 4 days? Is he playing me? :/ Still interested?

Am I wasting my time with my boyfriend? He always gets upset when I ask if he's still into me or wants to be with be because he feels like "he wouldn't be with me if he didn't want me". The thing is though, he's not acting like he wants to be with me. He barley text me and that's enough for me to belive he's just not into me. We live about an hour away from each other so we don't see each other or spend time with each other. The last time we talked, we kind of had an argument and we haven't talked since. I always text him but I'm trying to stop to see what will happen. I have guys wanting me but he's my boyfriend and I'm trying to give him a chance. I'm the type of girl that NEED my man to SHOW me what he feels, talking means nothing if you can't show me.
What should I do?
Should I breakup with him?
Is he playing me?


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  • Omg this is my exact situation right now but my boyfriend lives thousands of miles away. I feel like you should give him a chance let him know how you feel just let him know and if he doesn't change. Fuck that nigga


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