Guy who has never had a girlfriend dating a girl who has had a boyfriend, automatic mismatch?

So there is this girl I am dating. She has had a serious relationship her first two years of high school. They broke up her sophomore year. This was a sexless relationship due to religious beliefs (Christian) and family values. But they did fool around.

Me, on the other hand, have never had an actual girlfriend and never even been close to having a serious relationship. I have had sex with one girl, but have been intimate altogether with 3. But the sex and making out were never in actual relationships even tho I had feelings for these girls.

So she has experience with relationships. I have experience with sex.

But in this situation if we were to hit it off, would there be mutual feelings? Would she see the relationship different than me?
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  • Relationships are not based on the past they are based on the people in the relationship.

    • But isn't first love different from what I have heard. If this is my first love and not hers will I see things differently?

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    • Do you think her love can be as intense as her first?

    • Yeah definitely

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