Girls, why am I just friend material to you?

Do I just lack the traits to be a boyfriend cause I can make friends with a girl pretty easy


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  • lol let me just close my eyes and telepathically access ur personality to tell u why.


    • Well honestly I'm just looking for a way now to block it out of my head I have aspergers syndrome I don't understand dating or what women do they never flirt and I just wanna forget about relationships

    • thing is, it's hard to tell without knowing who u r. not many guys understand dating and women tbh, even if they seem confident.
      if u wanna forget about relationships, y are u wondering y ur friend material?

    • Cause it was kinda before I gave up I can admit I lack what it takes to get a girlfriend every girl I get close with just wants to be friends I'm too nice

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  • Maybe, depends on different situations

    • LIke what situations and if I don't have the traits to be a boyfriend how do I forget relationships and block it out of my head

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    • Though it would be bonus points in my favor if I was kinda hot

    • You will, but you have to meet the person first.

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