Does this guy like me?

So I went to this party last night and met this drop dead gorgeous guy. We started talking and we talked non stop all night, I braided his hair (cause it's medium length), he gave me a piggy back ride up a hill (we were a bit drunk) and I shared my drink with him a lot. At the end of the night I was lying upside down on the couch over him (a really weird way ahah) and he had his hand resting in my knee and he was fiddling with my jeans and then later on when we were standing up he had his arm around me and we kept poking each other noses. What does his hand on my knee mean and do you recon he likes me?


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  • It sounds like he does like you from your post.

    • we ended up dating for three months xD he ended up becoming very possessive and controlling xD

  • he probably likes you.


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