Guys, Why hasn't he asked me out?

So this guy I really like is really frustrating me. He seems really interested in me and everyone who sees us thinks he likes me because of how he watches me. He also is super touchy with me and will put his arm around my shoulders to point at something and has even offered to help me three days a week with competitive swimming since we both swim competitively. But he doesn't ask me out! And I don't know why, he'll text me if I want to work on my dives but never anything past that. I even mentioned not getting asked to homecoming and said I wasn't going to go and he told me I had to go to homecoming my senior year. He's already graduated by the way. So does he just not like me and that's the problem or am I wrong to think that him offering to help me was a sign of interest when paired with everything else. And how can I get him to make a move?


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  • Why don't you make a move instead?


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